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We inform you that the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament is looking for a full-time Network Officer for relations with Pirate Parties (fixed-term contractual agent position for one year with a possibility of extension, function group III).

Deadline for application: Sunday 17 April 2022 23:59 Brussels time

Starting date: as soon as possible

Place of employment: Brussels (Belgium).

The Campaigns and Outreach Unit of the Greens/EFA Group is hiring a committed Network Officer for relations with Pirate Parties to join its team in Brussels.

The role will involve coordinating our work in the European Parliament with Pirate Parties in the EU member states, including but not limited to elected representatives and Pirates in governments at all levels, ranging from the national level to the regional and local ones, and reaching out to other political allies including but not limited to representatives in Parliaments.

The Network Officer for Pirate Parties will be responsible for maintaining regular contacts with Pirate Parties in all EU Member States. The Network Officer is charged with creating spaces for strategic exchanges of information and working together on common initiatives, identifying from amongst their priorities the issues that could be tackled at the EU level in a coordinated manner. The Network Officer for Pirate Parties should also coordinate campaigns and events to support our political work in the European Parliament. The Network Officer for Pirate Parties will also contribute to building the Pirate network by helping to identify and build new alliances in key EU Member States.

The Network Officer for Pirate Parties will proactively contact relevant political parties and movements across the EU with offers of knowledge sharing and cooperation, flag relevant developments to the hierarchy in a timely manner, and propose specific follow-up activities.

The suitable candidate must be a committed team player, with a high degree of availability and flexibility. They should already have experience working in an international political context – ideally with grassroots movements and small political initiatives. Excellent networking and problem-solving skills, passion for politics, and deep knowledge of the Pirate programme are necessary. They should be proactive, resourceful, respectful of others, willing to travel and extremely well organised.

Tasks to be performed:

• Contributing to the Group’s information gathering, research, and overall strategy including by identification of key issues via regular contacts with the Pirates in governments and parliaments at local, regional, and national level;

• Contributing to the ongoing strategy of network expansion of the Group by building alliances with potential partners and identifying opportunities for collaboration;

• Proactively reaching out to politicians, civil society representatives, and academics to support the Group’s campaigns and activities;

• Proactively identifying existing Group’s campaign initiatives or projects that would be of relevance to the Pirates in governments or parliaments and that would help strengthening information campaigns on the local, regional, or national level;

• Strengthening the impact of the work of the Group and of the Group’s information campaigns by organizing strategic coordination meetings with Pirate ministers across Europe, regional ministers, representatives in parliaments on national or regional level, councillors and mayors, Pirates in the Greens group in the Committee of the Regions, etc., in cooperation with the European Pirate Party and key partners;

• Using their network of contacts to maximise the impact and influence of Pirate campaigns across all levels and all types of stakeholders;

• Attending European Pirate Party meetings as an observer and providing advice on how best to ensure political coherence;

• Serving as a liaison between Pirates in the European Parliament, Pirate Parties across Europe, European Pirate Party, and Pirate Parties International by serving as a first “point of contact” for any inputs and queries;

• Conducting regular “needs analyses” of the Pirates in governments and parliaments to identify topics within their priorities that should be tackled at the EU level by leveraging the Group’s added value, in cooperation with the European Pirate Party;

• Providing strategic advice to Pirate Parties and allied political movements wishing to associate themselves with the Pirate movement, e.g. on how to leverage the added value of the Group, how to influence EU institutions, and to help them gain popular support, providing training, and ensuring circulation of information about priorities;

• Building a network of exclusive media partners in EU member states and helping Pirate Parties with penetration of their agenda into the local media landscape;

• Supervising interns working with the Campaigns and Outreach Unit.

Requirements: Qualifications, experience and skills:

• Relevant work experience with Pirate Parties, Pirate Party politicians, Pirate allies, or Pirate topics related organisations

• Full professional proficiency in English; other languages, especially Czech, German, French, or Luxembourgish, are an asset

• Excellent communication skills and experience in managing information flows in large and complex working environments

• Excellent organisational skills and proven record of managing international projects and strategic planning

• Strong team player who is open-minded, constructive, and has experience in working in a multi-cultural team

• Ability to problem-solve, with an emphasis on creativity and brainstorming new ideas

• Proven ability to multi-task and manage multiple requests and projects at the same time

• Self-motivated, proactive, and stress-resistant

• Ability to quickly form and maintain wide networks of stakeholders

• Clear understanding of the Pirate political programme, key policies, red lines, the added value of the Pirate delegation in the Group, the Group’s positions on key issues, and the sensitivities among different political parties in the Pirate political family

• Ready to work in a fast-paced environment with some flexible hours, including work-related travel

Desired assets:

• Knowledge of the European institutions, EU legislation, and decision-making process

• Educational background in line with the function

• Excellent writing skills, ability to explain complex ideas in a simple and efficient manner

• Experience in managing databases of contacts and other relevant information for organisational purposes

• Passion for Free and Open Source Software and other open technologies

• Enthusiasm for working in an international team

• Experience with communication with the media

• Under article 82, (23) of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants (CEOS) of the European Communities, candidates must:

o Be citizen of an EU Member State unless an exception is authorised by the authority referred to in article 6 (1);

o Enjoy full rights as citizen;

o Have fulfilled any obligations imposed by the laws concerning military service;

o Meet the character requirements for the duties involved.

The Greens/EFA Group is an equal opportunity employer. We promote diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment. In case of equal appreciation on competence and suitability for the position, preference will be given to applicants of an under-represented gender.

In case of interest in this position, send a motivation letter with your CV by e-mail only to with the subject “LASTNAME_NETWORK_OFFICER” before Sunday 17 April 2022 23:59 Brussels time.

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