Support for Anonymous P2P Filesharing

Aktuální kauzy týkající se programu a politiky Pirátů.

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Aktuální kauzy týkající se programu a politiky Pirátů.

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Návštěvník – nepatří k Pirátům
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Support for Anonymous P2P Filesharing

Příspěvek od coyrajah »

Hello dear Pirates,

I think that we International Pirates should support the development and usage of Anonymous P2P Filesharing Software to create digital spheres that are free from censorship and surveillance. This is important to guarantee the free flow of information and support whistleblowers worldwide. Especially in authoritarian countries such as russia.

One interessting project seems to be the Tribler Torrent client (But still in development) that provides a technology similiar to the TOR Network to provide anonymity for all Down und Uploaders as well as End2End encryption.

Kód: Vybrat vše

We use our own dedicated Tor-like network for anonymous torrent downloading. We implemented and enhanced the Tor protocol specifications. Tribler includes our own Tor-like onion routing network with hidden services based seeding and end-to-end encryption.

Tribler aims to give anonymous access to content. We are trying to make privacy, strong cryptography, and authentication the Internet norm.

For the past 11 years we have been building a very robust Peer-to-Peer system. Today Tribler is robust: "the only way to take Tribler down is to take The Internet down"

Through its Network of Exit nodes Tribler allows to Download all kinds of Content from popular Pirate Sites like Piratebay oder Rarbg, even if it is bit slower than normal torrent clients because all traffic is routed through lets say 3 Relays. But it provides a high level of anonymity. This is also politically highly relevant. Especcially during the last months many leaks from the dictatorships of Russia and Iran have appeared as Torrent downloads. But standard Torrent Protocol is not encrypted and not anonymous leaving lots of risks for users who access that type of content. Even using a VPN is not that secure cause the VPN provider itself may be selling user Data or may be even run by Government Spooks.

Therefore i propose that Piraty Partys should support the development of Anonymous P2P Software such as Tribler to undermine the censorship and surveillance regime of countries like russia and china. So people have more choices to access censored books and media freely.

Best Regards,

Coy Rajah

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Re: Support for Anonymous P2P Filesharing

Příspěvek od tomas.valenta »

Hey, thank you, this looks really interesting! I don't have the time right now, but I'll try to contribute to the development at some point. Looks like it's mostly Python, so it should be right up my alley.


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